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What I've Realized...

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Everyday is a new opportunity to grow. New opportunity for blessings. New opportunity for failures. New chance to grow. New people to more. More experiences to explore. Ya dig? Life is too LONG for us to just give up and settle for things that don't bring up never ending joy. Yeah, some things may make us happy, but what brings you JOY? You may not know now and that's perfectly okay because you're still growing and adapting and changing and learning. But, once you do, hold on to that thing and NEVER let go.

Joy is so pure and so is love, so once you find something or someone or somewhere that you absolutely love, stick to it, keep learning about it, and continue to flourish. Times may be tough right now, but don't let that hinder you from striving and aspiring for the best. We all have bad days, get bad marks, meet terrible people, eat nasty food, etc. But, that's OKAY as long as you learn from them. Learn to be flexible. Learn to appreciate the good AND the bad. Learn to love. And, learn to grow. 💞

Remember too, that passion alone is not enough. You need FAITH. You can speak many things into existence, but as long as you don't truly BELIEVE that it will happen, as long as you don't already FEEL that you've claimed that blessing, and as long as you haven't given it up to God in faith, whatever you have spoken into existence will not happen. It will not. We are not powerful enough to just manifest things into existence on our OWN like that. If you truly want to achieve great things in life, you can't just SAY you want them, you have to BELIEVE you already have those blessings and that God is working on it FOR you.

The problem with human beings is that when things don't go our way, we just automatically give up. We're like, "Oh well. That was pointless. I'm not trying that again lmao". WHEN IN REALITY, we are just being tested to see if we really WANT it. It's like how people dream of becoming a doctor, then get denied entry to medical school, and end up becoming an artist because that's where they've developed a passion and true joy. Which ties back into my original points about how we have to be flexible, understand that not everything is in our control, AND to have to have faith in our futures.

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