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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol felt like a bandage being ripped off


I love Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, but that ending was a bit..... painful yet refreshing?

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is one of Netflix's latest Korean dramas. It's about a piano prodigy named Lala who loses EVERYTHING, but moves to a small town and gains herself along the way.

Honestly, I was surprised that her dog, Mimi, was still alive in the end considering how many awful things kept happening in Lala's life. With the way things were progressing, I really thought we would be ending that drama with a burial service for Mimi. From Lala's dad dying a sudden death on her wedding day, getting ditched on her wedding day by the groom, getting scammed out of $100,000 and becoming homeless, getting into a car accident, breaking her hands and being unable to play the piano for awhile, having a stalker, getting kidnapped and almost getting killed, and then having the love of her life suddenly develop a terminal ill and dying, but NOT actually dying?

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this drama, but I did feel like there were some severe plot holes that were a bit disorienting.

First of all, there was a while serial killer plot that we didn't even really get into? It all just happened so fast and then it literally was never mentioned again. I almost forgot that that even happened, but considering how someone was killed by that serial killer and that killer ended up being Lala's stalker, you would've thought there would be more to that story, but there wasn't.

Secondly, I actually hate when you can tell that a drama is trying to wrap up, but they don't quite know what direction to take so they make a character terminally ill. That is so heartbreaking. Lala's character has literally been through the absolute worst and they decided to spice it up by taking out her man only for him to end up being alive in the LAST 5 minutes???? HELLO? WHY? It was just so sudden. I really liked Jun's character, but I really feel like they did him a bit dirty. He loved her, but kept breaking up with her or ghosting her "for her own good." The emotional manipulation felt like a rollercoaster.

Like, they really just hate communicating with one another in these dramas. Instead of to say that you're having a hard time or can't be with someone anymore because of extenuating circumstances, they force a breakup and hurt one another without explaining to each other WHY? It's always such a headache to watch.

But, you know what? There were many things about this drama that I absolutely LOVED. I loved the friendship that the older women had with one another. It felt so real and they were so funny yet supportive of one another (except when they'd be dragging each other's childrens). I also loved that the relationship with Lala and Hayeong developed into a sisterhood. Even though Hayeong didn't like Lala in the beginning because of Lala's close proximity to Jun, overtime she overcame her jealousy and came to support Lala like no one else. I also like how Dr. Cha reconciled with his ex-wife. Her stalker tendencies made me uncomfortable in the beginning, but at the VERY end (and I mean the very last episode), I appreciated how things worked out for them in a healthy manner.

Also, I love how Lala's piano academy eventually flourished. She invested so much time, energy, and love into that venture (with Jun's support) and it would've really saddened me had she left that all behind to be a teaching assistant for someone else. I'm glad she stuck to her guns and continued to pour love and life into her Academy because it paid off in the end and I'm sure it made Jun proud too.

With all that being said, I did enjoy the drama, but there were some things about it that made me either upset or uncomfortable. The show is easygoing for the most part, but there are some PAINFUL scenes, so it's not the sort of slice of life drama that I would recommend for ALL audiences, especially if you're sensitive (like me 🤡). Nonetheless, I would rate this drama a 7.9/10.

If you've seen this drama too, let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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