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Look Out for Rising Pop Phenomenon, BREE RUNWAY, in 2020

I only just recently found out about Bree Runway through the power of Twitter, but I'm so thankful that I did. How often do we get to see dark-skinned, black girls getting the limelight in the music industry anymore? This is obviously no shade to other black girls paving the way for themselves in the entertainment industry because I can only imagine the barriers and obstacles they have to overcome to get half of what the non-black and racially ambiguous girlies get. But, it would be foolish to say that someone who is even darker in complexion doesn't experience even more of these racial barriers which unfortunately - results in them being ignored and brushed under the rug. It's heartbreaking knowing that black women who are darker in complexion rarely seem to receive the same support, shine, or resources compared to women of lighter complexions. I'm ALL for encouraging new talent, but when the new talent is all of ONE shade, it reinforces the idea that dark-skinned people are either not talented enough to keep up with everyone else, or they just AREN'T worthy or beautiful enough for the recognition.

So, I was MORE than elated to find representation and to be able to wholly support someone as talented, passionate, and dedicated to her craft as Bree Runway is.

For those who don't know who she is, Bree Runway is the queen of trap pop based in London, England and describes herself as a mashup between Lil Kim and Lady Gaga. She started pursuing music back in 2014 and not only does she produce her own tracks, but she's composed lyrics, as well. She has a very distinctive voice, redefined sound, and an eclectic choice of fashion that all make her the unique and up-and-coming music and fashion icon she is. Since her debut, she's been giving us FACE, CHOREO, FASHION, VISUALS, VOCALS, and CONCEPTS! Get into it!


Just look at her 'What Do I Tell My Friends?' music video from 2017. This video deals with real issues that models face when dealing with sleazy and abusive photographers. The way she she bashed his head with a fruit bowl and then twerked over his body? Period! This song is just one of her many examples of pop perfection and it's disappointing how underrated she currently is, but I just know that the future is bright for her.

She previously released the EPs RNWY 01 and Bouji, but recently enough, Bree Runway released her first label debut EP titled 'Be Runway.' If I knew that this EP would rip my wig off of my bare scalp and take off with it, I would've invested in a better adjustable strap. From start to finish, 'Be Runway' is a CLASSIC. A moment. It's innovative. It's new. It's fresh. It's authentic. It's giving me what I want the rest of the pop girlies to give me.



The EP starts off with '2ON' which has a video that accompanies it. Despite how fun it is to watch, it also touches upon colourism and critiques society's perception of beauty. It discusses the struggle to conform to society's standards.

In fact, in a tweet, she explains the meaning behind the song:

"Every day we are told that we could be better, prettier, brighter – as if there’s something wrong with us in the first place? When I was younger, I couldn’t hack the amount of shade thrown at my skin tone from the playgrounds, to the boys at the bus stops after school that were equally as black to every TV show, every music video, every movie that insinuated MY black was not beautiful!”


The EP then transitions from X2C to All Night, which also includes a video. Once again, Bree Runway was delivering with this video. She was giving us both body, sensuality, and vocals at the same time. This song is so groovy and fun to dance to, but it's also mesmerizing to watch. Just check it out for yourself:


Lastly, there's Big Racks ft. Brooke Candy which is probably my absolute favourite. She really did not need to put her foot on our necks like this, but she did and all I can hope is for more people to notice that. The music is already powerful enough as it is, but the music video, once again, showed OUT! This video touches upon racial discrimination in the workplace and how dark-skinned people experience more disadvantages finding employment.

With all of that being said, I'm looking forward to see Bree Runway blossom even more in 2020 and beyond. I have all the love in the world for alternative black girls, but especially those who are dark in complexion just like me.

Representation is important and I can only hope that the same music industry that's known for brushing black female musicians under the rug is willing to give Bree Runway the chance she deserves at being the global pop phenomenon we all know she has the potential, talent, and passion to be.

Make sure to stay tuned for what Bree Runway comes up with next and stay updated by following her social media pages:

Instagram: @breerunway


Twitter: @breerunway

SPOTIFY: Bree Runway

Other music services: Be Runway

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