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Monsta X Are Back To Sit On The Throne with Fatal Love

Monsta X are back in their musical BAG and we absolutely love to hear, see, and experience it.

I have been waiting for Monsta X to grace the music industry with their presence for months now. I’ve searched far and wide, up and down, and yet no one has given me the kind of music that I can connect with and have thoroughly enjoyed as much as Monsta X has whether it’s their Japanese, Korean, or English songs. Not even just from the perspective of someone who is an avid fan of K-pop, but just as a genuine music listener. Monsta X makes the kind of music that I feel just about anyone can get into, even if they’ve never been exposed to K-pop before.

With that being said, MONSTA X dropped their highly-anticipated third studio album, Fatal Love, on November 2, 2020. Fatal Love has ten tracks in total including their title track, 'Love Killa'. We will start with Love Killa since that is their title track and it includes a spicy music video to go along with. Fatal Love was composed and produced by Willie Weeks and Brother Su whereas Seo Ji Eum, I.M, and Joohoney wrote the lyrics. What I want to know is why did they have their feet on my neck throughout the entirety of that video? They were giving Luxury. Opulence. Visuals. Strong Vocals. Sexy Choreography. Monsta X just does not REST when it comes to giving the kind of content and musicality that the audience wants to hear and experience. I knew they were going to take off like the rent was due tomorrow when I saw the teaser photos and videos BEFORE the video even dropped. The all-black suits and the red backdrop were emulating ‘backstage at a luxury fashion event that only the most elite, fashionable members of society are invited to’ vibes. Also, Jooheon looked like he was paying homage to The Joker in the Dark Knight series throughout the music video which I thought was super unique. According to a Twitter user, they ALL were paying homage to an iconic film:

If you haven’t checked out the music video yet, watch it here and prepare to get your wig tossed:

Monsta X have such a distinct sound and incomparable musical identity. It doesn’t matter what sort of genre they delve into, you can ALWAYS tell that it’s them because they always make sure to implement their signature touch to every single track. I think what really helps is the fact that they have creative authority over the tracks that they create. For example, Hyungwon wrote "Nobody Else" and Jooheon and I.M participated in the songwriting and composing on the vast majority of the tracks on the album.

Even though Monsta X have matured in their musical sound and gone through different musical genres, they still have songs like Beastmode, Stand Together, and Guess Who that remind me of their early, hype songs from their debut era. And, if there is ONE thing Monsta X is going to do, it’s deliver a track that makes you want to get up and slap somebody (but, don’t actually do that). They’re just so energetic and lively that you can’t help but want to go outside in the middle of the night, lift up a truck with your bare hands, and chuck it into the far away farm lands like the Hulk. Their songs with heavy basses and experimental beats are just so aggressive and enjoyable that you can’t help but to listen to them with a stank face.

If I had to pick, my favourites have to be Love Killa, Gasoline, Last Carnival, and Night View. They all sound completely different with Gasoline giving Latin music inspiration while Night View has a lot more alternative r&b & house elements infused into it. Monsta X are known for being able to delve into different sounds (and even languages) with ease so them being able to bring this album together with the use of sleek production, heart melting vocals, heavy bass-use, fused with cross-cultural music elements, was not a surprise to anyone. Monsta X don't follow trends. They create them.

Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this album from start to finish and I’m really proud of Monsta X for putting in the work, time, and dedication to create this masterpiece. Monsta X have been through trials and tribulations over the past year, but they haven’t let that break them or slow down their progress. They are only going to continue to go upwards from here and I’m looking forward to seeing more of what they create in the future. They have the talent, passion, versatility, and perseverance to continue excelling within the international music scene and attain international stardom.

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