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The anti-abortion argument is a war on women

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Let's just get straight to the point. These new abortion bans being legislated in States across America (and all across the world) are as anti-women as they are examples of class warfare, inherent racism, and an effort to further strip autonomy away from marginalized women. Period.


These anti-abortion laws will negatively impact poor women the most. Wealthy women will always have access to private abortions regardless of it's legal or not because they can afford to do so. Poor women, on the other hand, will either have to settle with keeping it or turn to illegal means to get rid of it, which is unfair. When women are told that their bodies belong to the state at a time when access to health care remains drastically unequal by race and class, it means that rich white men win when abortion restrictions become law" (Jamil Smith, 2019).


"Communities of color, and primarily African Americans, are disproportionately affected by limitations to abortion and experience elevated rates of MATERNAL and INFANT MORTALITY compared with non-Hispanic white mothers" (Ravi, A, 2018) due to lack of access to adequate health care.

Without a doubt, racism is really what empowers these anti-abortion legislation because more than anyone else, it takes away the right to one’s body and the ability to make decisions for their own health from women of colour. Studies have shown that women of colour, especially black women, are often already neglected and treated as less than human compared to their white counterparts strictly based on race. This is especially shown through how medical professionals tend to ignore pain that women of colour may be experiencing rather than taking them and their complaints seriously. Something as lazy as this has led to women of colour experiencing higher preventable deaths, more of them dying during/after child labour, and just an all around cynicism towards health care professionals. With that being said, The ways in which women of color are discriminated against and excluded from the health care system provide insight into how reduced access to abortion may contribute to high rates of maternal mortality (Ravi, A, 2018). For more hard evidence on maternal health disparities that black women specifically face, please refer to:

The worst, but most unsurprising thing about these legislations being passed is not that it's just men making these calls, but also white women. From the days of colonialism to present day, white women have been known for being complicit to their white, male counterparts rather than fighting for the rights of fellow women, regardless of colour. White women tend to remain complicit in both the patriarchy and white supremacy if it means their position in society won't be lowered. This only further proves that this is not just a war between women and men, but also between the elite class vs. the lower class, and white people vs. people of colour.


Women should have every right to make decisions on behalf of their own bodies. Their bodies are not open to private legislation whose sole purpose is to benefit wealthy, white men/women whilst simultaneously ruining the lives of marginalized women. A woman's right to make decisions for their OWN life is adequate to promoting proper individual, maternal and child health.

Additionally, "Under the law scheduled to go into effect on January 1st, women who self-terminate their pregnancies can be imprisoned for life or executed, thereby accomplishing two goals: subduing them for their gender, and taking away their ballot. (Men who impregnated them, per the law, suffer no consequence)" (Jamil Smith, 2019).

So, not only are these new anti-abortion laws a tactic to repress women even further to the point where we have no right to make decisions about our own bodies, but it will strip away our voting rights, which will only further empower demons to remain in their positions since they'll have less people voting against them.

So, now that we know why these anti-abortion laws are absolutely inhumane. Let's talk about what we can do:

1) Donate to Abortion Clinics

Within the Windsor, Ontario region, there are the:

Teen Health Centre

Women's Health Centre

Melo Clinic & Pregnancy Centre

2) Make the effort to vote for politicians who are pro-choice.

Not just politicians who beat around the bush when asked about their views on abortions, but those who genuinely believe that women should have that right. The Canadian Federal Election is coming up, so now is the time to start researching which politicians are about that action and which are garbage. :)

3) Educate yourself, your loved ones, your friends, your co-workers, and anyone else you know.

Not everyone really knows anything about these abortion laws or has an absolute understanding of what abortion even is. Educate yourself about abortion, the pros and cons of promoting safe and adequate health for women, the right for women to have autonomy over their bodies, and how abortion laws strip everything away from women and render the most powerless in society the most vulnerable and at risk.

4) Consider volunteering for an abortion clinic or becoming an escort.

There are a lot of people who stay outside abortion clinics in an effort to make women feel uncomfortable and worthless. I am very religious myself, and yet I find condemning women to the deepest pits of Hell to be not of God and just embarrassing. Rather than for people to be offering support, a helping hand, a listening ear, or just compassion, there are those who believe that harassing women with the Word of God is the way and it's not. So, offering to escort women to and from the clinic is a very proactive way to ensuring their safety, sanity, and their protection.

5) If you are ACTUALLY pro-life, help an actual, living child in need:

One of the best ways you can do this is by either considering to be a foster parent, volunteer with kids in foster care, or offer assistance to current foster parents by doing anything from helping to pack meals to mowing their lawns. Tutor a child. Help with with school. Offer a listening ear to them. Be their support. Show them genuine compassion and love. Participate in a fundraiser that benefits them. DO ANYTHING except writing long threads on twitter and spewing hatred about how much you are against the pro-choice movement and believe that every life is valuable whilst not doing anything for the children that are currently breathing.

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