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Who Is Lexie Liu? The Young, Chinese Pop Star & Fashion Icon Aiming for Global Stardom

Lexie Liu is an up-and-coming icon on her hot girl shit ready to take over the global music scene. China has birthed the likes of incredibly talented pop artists like Na Ying and Faye Wong, and now ready to try her hand at international stardom and success is the rising 22-year old, Chinese-born artist and songwriter, Lexie Liu (刘柏辛).

Born in Changsha, Lexie Liu, is a rising star signed to 88Rising with the aim to pursue the Western music scene, however she has been successfully working and paving a path for herself all across Asia. In 2015, she participated in K-pop Star 5, which is a South Korean TV competition. Lexie also partook “The Rap of China” in 2018 which further propelled her career.

Lexie Liu also joined forces with the virtual pop girl group, K/DA, ahead of the League of Legends Worlds 2020 Finals. K/DA released the song, ‘More’ which is the prelude to K/DA’s debut EP, All Out which will be released on November 6th, 2020. Lexie Liu voices the new member to the group, Seraphine, however K/DA also includes the American singers Madison Beer and Jaira Burns, along with (G)I-DLE members Soyeon and Miyeon.

On September 23rd, Lexie Liu released the music video for "Set It All On Fire (刘柏辛 - 佳人)." This song promotes the notion that a woman's destiny is her own to control and that it should no longer be held down or repressed by the societal barriers. She dominates over both R&B melodies. Her dedication to both authenticity and artistry can be felt throughout this sultry song that's filled with lyrics that criticize the ways in which women are perceived, growing base lines, solid, sleek production, and aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching visuals.

Inspired by the likes of the multidimensional fashion icon and well-renowned pop singer Rihanna, Lexie Liu made sure to deliver provocative yet powerful lyrics, a rhythmic beat, and innovative visuals to go along with it in a way that would capture and retain your attention throughout.

In December 2019, Lexie released her long-awaited sophomore album ‘META EGO 无限意识’ with the release of the single, 'Manta'– her signature cross-cultural sound is quite prevalent throughout, however - she showed an immense amount of growth and innovation whilst dabbling into a more experimental sound which differs from her previous work. Produced by Bijan Amir, CJ Wheeler, Femke Weidema, Kenn Wu, Lexie Liu & Mel & Mus, the album is packed with incredibly talented creators – and further affixes Lexie as a musical innovator.

Outside of her dedication to music, she is also a sought after influence in the fashion industry. She has appeared on several of the most popular fashion publications from BAZAAR, Vogue, Nylon Japan, and Nylon China. Recently enough, she released her own jewellery collection in partnership with COLLEC.

Here are some examples of her recent appearances on fashion publications:

Rapidly becoming an in-demand singer, songwriter, and fashion icon, Lexie Liu has a prosperous career ahead of her and we’re excited for what else the singer can bring to the table. If you’re looking for an up-and-coming, multidimensional star to look out for and keep tabs on, Lexie Liu is the one for you.

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