10 Black-Owned Businesses across Canada That You Can Support Today!

If you're looking for some Black owned businesses to support now and forevermore, here are 10 businesses that I would recommend. Financially supporting Black-owned businesses in Canada is one of the many things that we can do to help redistribute wealth within the Black community in the fight against financial inequality and systemic oppression. The 10 that I've listed are all within an affordable range and offer unique products and services. With that being said, I've also included a link at the bottom of this article that includes a comprehensive list of thousands of other Black owned businesses all across Canada that you can support.


This is another Canadian nail company based in Ottawa that I am so glad that I discovered. BabyDollKlaws just launched their business back in May 2020 and they offer luxury nails and salon quality WITHOUT the salon time.

I really adored their work because they offer such unique designs for such a reasonable price. The best part is that their press on nails come with an application kit that includes alcohol wipe, buffer, cuticle pusher, AND nail glue. All of those are so useful and I know they'll ensure that the press on nails last for as long as possible without damaging the actual nail.

The press on nail prices range from $30 CAD to $45 CAD depending on what you're ordering, but that's incredibly reasonable considering that I've paid $100 for nails before that ended up looking a hot mess anyways. Hand painted art costs $65, but it's totally worth the price. I also absolutely love the packaging. It's the type of packaging you receive when you buy cupcakes, so it just makes the overall presentation that much cuter and aesthetically pleasing.


Deliscious is a home-based Gourmet cookie company. When I discovered this company, I literally started to SHAKE. If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I've got an incredibly aggressive sweet tooth so discovering them was like discovering God's greatest gift. And, the fact that they're Canadian just makes this even more rewarding. They are based in Quebec, and require about 2 days notice before sending out an order, but you can guarantee that they WILL use high-quality ingredients.

They specialize in injected cookies and prep flavoured cookies, but they can also create basic cookies just as well.

When asked what inspired them to start on this journey, they replied: "I love baking cookies but what really prompted me to begin this journey was being on maternity leave. I took the full 78 weeks off and wanted to make sure I had extra money on the side to save for my daughter. However, I did not expect for my business to be growing at such a rapid pace. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to expanding my menu in terms of flavors and adding vegan cookies."

The range of prices vary depending on your order, but you can always email deliscious.td@gmail.com for more details. They only offer pick up and delivery at the moment, but they're hoping to offer nationwide delivery by the end of 2020.

3. Atelier Sirah

This brand (ateliersirah.com) offers minimalist skincare and cosmetics products. They offer products both for the body and the lips. Some of their body products include a glow face serum, coconut body butter, and a brown sugar body scrub which range from $17 CAD to $25CAD, unless you purchase the $48 CAD bundle.

You can guarantee that after using these products not only will your skin feel more nourished and catered to, but you'll smell delicious too. You really cannot go wrong with brown sugar or coconut. They also offer various kinds of lip glosses. The lip glosses they offer, which are all $10 CAD, are perfect when you're going for a more neutral, soft glam or natural look. God knows how many nude lipsticks and lip glosses I've run through over the past years and have yet to find one that actually suits my face and makes my lips feel comfortable.

Judging by the reviews I've seen of this brand, I can tell that the natural, vegan products they use really make your lips look popping and healthy without the unnecessary addition of dangerous chemicals that can lead to negative effects afterwards.

4. Black Sun Comics

This is for all of my Black needs out there. I can sympathize with those who look like me and grew up wanting to see more Black superheroes at the forefront of these Fantasy universes. And, don't get me wrong, I know that there are a lot, but I also know that there can be more. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered this Black Sun Comics, which is an Afrofuturist comic series about a group of unlikely heroes who must band together to defend their home from a mysterious, invading alien armada. Black Sun is set in the fantasy realm of Alkebulan.

Their comics are only $8, so if you're interested in delving into this fantastical world of action, suspense, and Afrofuturism, you should give Black Sun Comics a chance. Representation is important after all and I'm very proud of them for channeling their passion for Black representation in Fantasy worlds into something so unique like this.

5. StrawberriesbyNyota

Okay, first of all, period. Strawberriesbynyota is a dessert shop based in Quebec and I can already tell these strawberries SLAP. They offer boxes of that range between 4 to 30 that are priced between $8 CAD to $60 CAD.