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Top 3 Ideal First Dates

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Honestly, imma keep it real witchu, chief. These first dates may not be ideal for everyone. People have different preferences, come from different backgrounds, value different things, etc. I think this may change even MORE if the person you're taking out on a first date already knows you, so you probably already have an idea as to where to take them out. Or, maybe you don't.

I think the idea of a first date means a different thing to everyone. Some people believe that first dates should be very casual and low-maintenance. Some people believe first dates should be expensive and high-class. Some people don't even call their first date a 'first date.' It's just an interview to get to know the other person before they deem them worthy enough to even spend money on for a real first date (which I think is a load of shit, if you ask me). Some people don't mind just hanging out and talking. Others may prefer engaging in some sort of activity to keep their mind off of having to force conversation. With all of that being said, I think it's important to understand how the person you're asking out feels about first dates BEFORE you take them out on one to prevent a potential train wreck.

I compiled a list of places that I think are ideal and cute first dates. Some of them require a lot of movement (singing & dancing) while others require you to have a solid pair of sneakers that won't leave you with blisters by the end of the day (walking) while some just require you to sit down and be a solid conversationalist. I hope you enjoy this list and if you have any recommendations, feel free to send them my way!


Karaoke is such a fun way to bond with people you've known forever, but also a great way to learn more about a complete stranger. Not only does it help to get rid of the awkwardness right away (seeing as how you'll be belting out lyrics off beat anyways), but it also helps you to gain a better understanding of their personality. Are they able to be goofy, or are they stiff and serious even when 'Baby' by Justin Bieber comes on?

Additionally, you're able to find out what their musical interests are. People underestimate the power of being able to bond able to click with someone over what kind of music they listen to. It's one thing for them to also listen to some of your favourite artists, but if they're also able to put you on to music you've never heard before and you actually end up enjoying it??? That's even BETTER.

Lastly, it's just really fun. There's no pressure for you to be someone that you're not. You don't need to dress all the way up, pay more than you're able to, or remain passive. It's silly and active and a great way to get to know someone better.

2. Go for A Walk in a NICE Park

This may sound generic, but it's very little pressure and a great way to get to know someone better. You're not forced to keep the conversation going at all times the way you would for a dinner date (aka a job interview) and you're able to walk around and shake any nerves that you have OUT, so you're not really restricted.

Also, if you choose to visit a nice park, and I put emphasis on NICE PARK because some of them really look like landfills with walking paths, it's simple which a lot of people prefer over the usual theatrics. What makes this date even better is that you're able to do anything from play outdoor games (if the weather permits) like frisbee, play on the playground like a kid again, or have a picnic.

Having a picnic can be incredibly romantic, especially if it's organized, well-planned, and scenic. It's also a lot less constricting than going out for an expensive dinner where you've gotta make sure you look like a million bucks the entire time.

The best part is that if time permits, you can always do something laid back afterwards too. Maybe go out for drinks (and honestly - I mean bubble tea), hangout out a cafe, or visit a pub to end the night off on a high note.

3. Visit A Museum/Art Gallery

Okay, we can't lie to ourselves with this one. This only works if your city even has a museum and/or art gallery, and if so, it has to be an impressive one or else you'll both just be standing there like boo boo the fool. If you're also from a relatively small city like me then you might just have to skip past this one unless the Art Gallery is having an exhibition that you're interested in and knowledgeable about. If not, just keep it moving.

If your city DOES have either one of these, then that's perfect. Just make sure you don't visit either one of these unless you ALSO have a genuine interest in art/history. The worst thing you can ever do for yourself is pretend to be someone you're not for clout points. If you know you don't already have an interest, or plan on developing an interest in art, don't fake the funk.

However - if you are interested in art or history, and you know that the person you're taking out could be, as well - that is GREAT. Museums and art galleries are solid first dates because it gives you and your date the ability to peruse the buildings and discuss fascinating pieces that you've come across, it's not too costly, it gives you the chance to show off a little (if you know a thing or two about the exhibition you're visiting), and it helps stimulate conversations by asking each other your thoughts and opinions on different pieces.

Nonetheless, going to an art gallery or a museum are such romantic first dates and they don't require too much forethought besides purchasing tickets ahead of time and researching more information about the places you're visiting, exhibitions taking place, and/or artists/historians that will be on display, so that you can bring more topics of discussion to the table.

you, after successfully spending 4 minutes pretending to know anything about Picasso

Anyways, these are what EYE think are the top 3 ideal first dates. They are subjective and completely dependent on you, your experiences, and what your date likes. However, they are suggestions that I find to be incredibly cute, intimate, yet - not too stressful. I'd also like to add that I've never been on a date before, so this may all flop LMAO. The odds are ever in your favour!

If you have any recommendations, thoughts, or opinions, feel free to reach out to me, or comment down below!

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