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Summertime is About a Black Italian Girl Living Her BEST Life

Okay period. I'm watching Summertime on Netflix now. I was searching long and far for some Netflix shows to watch because God knows the way the films and shows are set up on the App is absolutely horrific and incredibly limiting, so it's a miracle that I came across this show.

Inspired by the series written by Federico Moccia's, Summertime is about a Black girl living in Italy named summer, played by Coco Rebecca Edogamhe, her life with her 2 best friends, her dreams to leave the raggedy city she lives in, and the budding romance she develops with Ale, a professional motorcyclist.

To be quite honest, I didn't even read what it was about before I started watching it (as per usual). I just saw the Black girl on the cover of the poster and that the show language was in Italian and I IMMEDIATELY pressed play.

I just love living vicariously through fictional characters living abroad and experiencing all that life has to offer, especially characters coming from yuck mouth cities (like mine). Anytime I start watching a show, film, or read a book where the protagonist longs to leave the environment they've always known, I'm like "ahh yes... another character to attach myself to."

I'm not saying that I have these grand dreams to live in Italy, but I love looking through the lens of others who are in places that are COMPLETELY different from my own. But, most ESPECIALLY when it's from the outlook of another Black girl.

Also, let me just add that both Ale and Edo are so beautiful. Ale, played by Ludovico Tersigni, looks like one of those old school beauties you'd see in a 1930s film. He was giving vintage fine and I loved it. He was giving me sneaking out at midnight and spending time together to the late night diner so that we could share nasty milkshakes and overly sweet donuts while Frank Sinatra plays in the back.

Edo, played by Giovanni Maini, was also SO cute. I loved every chance we got to a see a scene with him. He was the cute and kind best friend and boy next door that we often fall for in these young adult dramas. And, on top of that, he was tall. We LOVE that.

Anyways, I've mentioned already on several occasions on my website where I wrote about how the diversity movement is failing Black girls, Twitter, AND ON Youtube how much I crave coming of age films that center Black girls. Now, in this case, the lead and her younger sister are Biracial Black girls, but I love it all the same.

I also really love Summer's best friend, Sofia (played by Amanda Campana). Her character felt so real and it was almost as if I was watching someone that I knew in real life. I loved how she expressed her excitement for things, her passion, her kindness, but also the LGBT representation that she gave us.

Despite how funny it's been to watch thus far, I can't brush under the rug the common theme it is that coming of age films always center high schoolers. It's almost as if these show creators believe that the prime of one's life is when they're still a minor which is a crock of shit LMFAO.

I can appreciate the wholesome friendship and fun that Summer has with her friends, but I really gotta look to the side when the characters have sex scenes because I'm like,...... "Ain't they 17? 🤔" I would've loved this show even more if it was taking place while she was in University or beginning her professional work life, but we all know that coming of age shows and sexualizing teens go hand in hand, unfortunately.

Despite all of that, this series only has 8 episodes, however - it's been renewed for another season, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of what Summer's life have in store for her - whether it relates to her education, her dreams, or her romantic adventures.

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