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Was It Love? Or, Was It A Disappointing Trainwreck? South Sonder Verdict

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

This is the WORST Korean drama I've ever watched. I'm gonna be completely honest, I was so angry watching this series that I couldn't even finish it. I made it 9 episodes through and just had to give it up to God. I had to get my sister to read the ending to me because I was so frustrated with how the show kept degenerating every episode, I couldn't do it myself.

For those who may or may not know, No Ae-Jung (Song Ji-Hyo) is a single mother who works as a producer for a movie company that's in financial ruins. After 14 years, 4 men suddenly reappear in her life and that's when the catastrophe begins. Oh Dae-O (Son Ho-Jun) is a manipulative, rude, best-selling novel writer. Ryu Jin (Song Jong-Ho) is a popular actor. Koo Pa-Do (Kim Min-Jun) switches between being a gangster to being the CEO of Nine Capital financial company. And, Oh Yeon-Woo (Koo Ja-Sung) is a PE teacher at a school.


Ae-jeong endured such a tough life. From getting pregnant and having to drop out in her LAST semester of University, struggle to find secure employment as a single mother, put her dreams on hold to take care of her daughter, end up being indebted $1 billion to a loan shark because of her boss' mistakes, and so much more. So, for her to experience all of that and then to end up dealing with an obsessive, self-centered troglodyte who refused to leave her alone and let bygones be bygones was so PAINFUL.

Ae-jeong was being chased by 4 men, however - Yeonwoo was the obvious best choice. Ae-jeong could've let her daughter be raised by a man who genuinely loves her, her mother, AND her daughter, is incredibly rich and could financially support her dreams and connect her with people within the entertainment industry, and emotionally support her every step of the way. Yeon-woo was such an amazing character and he only wanted the best for the circus clown known as Ae-jeong. He even backed off when she told him that she "had nothing to offer him" and yet - instead of opening her eyes to the absolute legend that Yeon-woo is, she ended up with the loser, Dae-oh.

From the second Dae-oh was introduced, I didn't like him. He was so slimy. He was malicious to her despite not even knowing why they broke up, manipulative and kept talking about how he should've died because the heartbreak almost killed him, AND he was also really aggressive and if he wasn't grabbing or shoving her for not responding the way he wanted, he was chasing after her 14-year old daughter in the middle of the street???? At NIGHT????? Does that make SENSE? On top of that, he made her day-to-day life so hard for no reason. He had her out here literally BEGGING for his help with her life and career on the line and even then, he almost didn't come through to help her. All he had to do was give her the go-ahead to produce his piece of work and he gave her hell for it.

Anyways, as a woman, I can't even begin to express how annoying it is watching shows that promote the notion that if a woman says no, that it really means "convince me." If we're being really honest, that ties into consent culture and how people are always trying to convince and coerce women into getting involved in situations that they AREN'T comfortable with or ready for. Dae-oh kept his foot on Ae-jeong's neck until she eventually caved in and I HATE to see it.

Lastly, Ae-jeong cheated her daughter, Ha-nee, from growing up with a supportive father by ending up with her old flame, Dae-oh, and it was so pathetic. I would've supported her character wholeheartedly if she had carried on raising her kid by herself. There's NO shame in being a single mother. The shame is with society for constantly belittling women for raising their children on their own (when they should really be shaming the men who leave, if they do leave).

Anyways, that drama was a waste of time of time and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. ❤️

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