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Affordable SHEIN Try-On Haul

I'm going to be honest. I was so scared to make a purchase from SHEIN because I was expecting all of the clothes to come back feeling like it was made out of toilet paper, but I was pleasantly surprised. Keep reading to see my honest review of the items I purchased or you can watch my Youtube video with me reviewing the items by dancing with them on:

*Everything was ordered in a size SMALL*

My measurements:

Bust - 36 inches / 91 cm

Waist - 30 inches - 71 cm

Hip - 39/40 inches - 101 cm


This was my first time making an order from SHEIN and I'm honestly pleasantly surprised with literally everything I got (besides the jewelry, but I'll get into that later).

I'll start off with this ensemble. For the top, I'm wearing the Exaggerated Gigot Sleeve Rib-knit Slim Sweater in a size SMALL for $16.15 CAD. I was worried that the top might feel like paper mache when I bought it because I felt like it was too good to be true. It looked absolutely amazing on the model, but I couldn't find many reviews of people who actually purchased it. But, I was like ".... Chile you know what? Lemme just do it" and I'm so glad I did. First of all, I loved the rib knit texture of the top and how bodycon and tight fitting it was. It made me feel so secure. But, my favourite element was the balloon arms. I'm serving the girls Michelin man and they LOVE to see it! I have long arms, so the fact that it wasn't cut off before my wrist was an added bonus. Everything about it felt like it was sculpted perfectly for me, so I DON'T recommend going a size up.

If anything I'd go a size down because the top measurements on SHEIN are:

Shoulder: 30cm

Bust: 85cm

Waist: 69cm

Whereas my measurements are 45cm (Shoulder), 91cm (Bust), and 71 (Waist) and it still was able to fit effortlessly.

The pants that I'm wearing along with this outfit are Fold Pleated Detail Belted Palazzo Pants in a size SMALL for $22.10 CAD. Girl, first of all, these pants were SO FREEING and the material was amazing. I could drop it low without the fear of it ripping. I also liked how it wasn't see through nor did it feel cheap. It felt like the type of high quality dress pants you'd buy from Zara or Cleo's. These are the type of trendy and stylish dress pants I'd wear to a business meeting or a formal presentation. They're stylish, but they're also comfortable and I feel like that's what's most important. The amount of dress pants I own that make me feel like they're cutting oxygen off from my thighs or if I start to sweat, my legs will show through is unbelievable. The absolute WORST. So, I'm so glad I got these pants. They were also incredibly fitting. My measurements are 71cm (Waist) and 101cm for my hips, but these pants' measurements are 70cm (Waist) and Hips (106cm). Additionally, I'm 175 cm tall and these pants STILL went a bit past my ankles. STALLIONS, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! 🗣️

All in all, I loved this combination, the quality of both of these items, and how true to size they both were. If you're interested in shaking the table post-quarantine when we're officially allowed outside again, I highly recommend both of these items.


For the second outfit, I'm wearing the SHEIN Peak Collar Double Breasted Blazer & Skirt Set (size small), Flower Shaped Faux Pearl Decor Drop Earrings 1pair, and Metal Lock Flap Chain Bag.

Let me just start by saying those earrings broke immediately. I had barely taken it out of the package before one of the flowers on one of their earrings fell off. I'm sure I could glue it back on, but the question is... do I want to? Not really.

Anyways, the yellow skirt & blazer set is absolutely stunning. I'm giving the girls Hilary Banks, Whitley Gilbert, and a dash of Dionne Davenport and Cher Horowitz. This outfit makes me feel like an upper class, valley girl and I'm loving every second of the fantasy.

However, I won't lie. The material is really thin. You could totally feel comfortable wearing it in the Summer or Spring, but you're really risking it if you wear it in the Winter just because of how thin it is. But, I appreciate the fact that it doesn't LOOK like it's poor quality. Also, the skirt is a BIT short as it just barely covers my butt, but thankfully, the blazer adds an extra layer of protection and covers all that up. I also really like how sturdy the buttons feel. I hate buying clothes and after one wear, I can tell the buttons are gonna come off soon because of how poorly it was sewn on.

Lastly, I paired the Metal Lock Bag with this outfit. I think this is the first fancy looking purse I've ever purchased for myself and I LOVE it. It just adds to the luxurious feeling I was already experiencing with this outfit. The bag genuinely feels high quality despite it only being $16.00 CAD.

In conclusion, this outfit was a bit of a serve. Despite the not-so-stellar quality of the earrings and the thin material of the blazer & skirt set, I still loved these purchases and how much they went well together. If you want to look like the rich girl in a 90s coming-of-age romcom, then I genuinely recommend this set (or even the entire combination).


In this outfit, I was wearing the Solid Bishop Sleeve Button Front Blouse, Paperbag Waist Belted Paneled Cropped Mom Jeans, Cross Charm Necklace, and Geo Drop Earrings.

Let me just start by saying the necklace had my neck ITCHING, BOY!!!! I was so scared it was going to turn green. It was cute, but I don't think it was worth the stress. However, if you see me wearing it again, mind your business please. 🤡

Secondly, if you're tall like me, then you know it's such a struggle to find jeans that actually fit. God knows how many pants I have that just barely reach my ankles, so I have to roll them up at the bottom to make it look appealing. Or, how many pants I own that are tight around my thighs and hips, but loose around my waist. Well, gone are the days of spending hours sifting through pants to find one that might actually fit me well. These SHEIN jeans did the damn thing! They fit my body so perfectly, they were comfortable, AND they were the perfect length. I almost cried putting them on. This must've been how the girlies felt in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. And, I think the part I loved the most was the bow belt you can tie at the front. It eliminates the need of finding the perfect belt to match these high-waisted pants. I just know I'm going to be wearing these pants as much as humanly possible, regardless of the season or occasion.

I added the white blouse with this outfit. There's not much to say about it besides the fact that it's cute. It's a simple, basic top, but it's one I've never had before, so I knew I wanted to add it to my wardrobe. You can really wear this top with just about anything and it'll match, so I feel like it's a valuable purchase.

Chile, the earrings also broke here too. So, that's all you need to know...


In this outfit, I was wearing the Floral Print Ruffle Cuff Blouse and a belt that is no longer available on the website, unfortunately.

I absolutely love how vibrant this top is. I love the Floral pattern and how the red truly makes the design pop even more. But, what I didn't love was the button at the back. I couldn't even get it on to begin with and after about 2 minutes of fiddling with it, it broke. But, I was able to get away with wearing the top without it being buttoned. However, if you don't have big hair that could cover up the whole back part being open, you've either got to be more careful with buttoning it, be prepared to sew it back on, or just not risk the purchase. Despite that mishap, I really adore this top and I can't wait to pair it with so many other combinations. I can totally see me wearing this with a black beret, tight, leather pants, and black, PU boots.


In this outfit, I'm wearing the SHEIN Floral Print Shirred Cuff Mock-neck Top, 1pair Geometric Drop Earrings, and New Year Rhinestone Engraved Square Buckle Transparent Belt.

The Floral Print top in this outfit had the same situation as the one in outfit 4, except this time I was prepared and just didn't bother with the button and wore it as is. I also absolutely loved the colour combination in this outfit. If Spring could be summed up in a blouse, it would be this one.

Also, the belt was the cherry on top of the cake. It felt like it was made out of really durable material and that it won't start to bend and tear any time soon. It paired so well with the pants I was wearing (which I bought from Uniqlo in Japan).

The earrings I'm wearing here actually DIDN'T break. I was literally shaking at the fact that it stayed secured. The way that I was dancing with it and basically jumping off the walls (as you can see in my YouTube video), and it still wasn't affected was such a good sign to me.

With all of that being said, I really enjoyed these purchases from SHEIN and I recommend it to all those who are interested. I still have many more items to show to y'all, so please stay tuned for more outfits, reviews, and lookbook dancing videos.

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