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I Feel Like a Whole New Person: VOOGUEME Prescription Glasses Review

Before I even get started on the INCREDIBLE, game changing, mind boggling, jaw dropping, talented, brilliant, never been done or seen before glasses I just got, I just wanted to rant real quick on behalf of all glasses-wearers.

Why are glasses so expensive to begin with? Why does it cost an arm and a leg just to have the ability to see??? Why are we being financially punished because our eyes want be on X Games mode?

Words cannot even begin to describe how much I've never liked glasses shopping. Everytime I would get my yearly checkup at the optometrist and my prescription changed, I always felt so bad. Glasses are so expensive yet they're a necessity for a lot of us. I'm so used to spending over $500 PER glasses and it just doesn't make any sense.

So, imagine my shock when VOOGUEME reached out to me and said they'd be willing to send me SEVEN PAIRS OF GLASSES? I literally almost fainted. It only took a little over a week for the glasses to get to me and when I tell you they're all amazing???

Just as a heads up, this is NOT a sponsored post. I was NOT paid to give a good review. I'm just speaking my truth and my truth is that these glasses changed the game.

First of all, the price of the frames are incredibly cheap but the quality of the frames is SO HIGH! The glasses don't feel flimsy or feeble. They don't make me feel like they'll shatter if I drop them (which I usually do). They're also not too tight or press too hard around my ears. Each pair is uniquely made and I absolutely love having the option to switch between them all.

Here are pictures of me wearing the 7 pairs:

Everytime I wear a new pair, I feel like a new person. "Switch my glasses, make him feel like he cheating" or whatever Megan Thee Stallion said. These glasses are one of the BEST things to happen to me this year and I'm so thankful that VOOGUEME entrusted me to be a brand ambassador for them.

You can use my code: TIWA for a 15% discount on your order. As Voogueme's slogan says, you are "BORN TO BE UNIQUE" so let your individuality shine through with these glasses and get a pair. ❤️

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