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I follow a lot of fashion influencers on YouTube and as much as I admire all of the looks they pull off, I've accepted the fact that I still need to figure out what works best for ME. I love street style, but I also love the luxurious looks. I love the "soft girl aesthetic," but I also absolutely adore the way scene/emo girls dress. Trying to find that balance has been something I've been trying to figure out for months now, so I've decided to basically log my favourite outfits and share them with you all, as well.


This outfit reminds me so much of something Whitney Gilbert would wear. I know literally everyone does this '90s aesthetic,' but honestly the 90s gave us so many staple looks and this reminds me of that.

Link to shoes from Public Desire:


I'm gonna be completely honest with y'all. I don't know WHAT an art hoe is. Is it just someone who is good at art? Someone who likes art? Or, someone who pretends to do either or? I don't know, but I like the art hoe looks this is giving. This is giving me "I eat with the English teacher at lunch because she's kind and supportive and helps me plan out my goals" tease. It's giving me "OH yeah! I love films. Actually, Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie. I honestly think it's the greatest of all time. Quacker Tarantula is a great director." It's giving me, "Don't talk to me until I have my morning coffee."

Shirt - It's no longer available on Yesstyle 😭. Here's a similar one: I'm giving you an EXTRA discount at! Shop using my Rewards Code: QUEENTIWA.


Fashion influencers are ALL about layers, so I said, lemme copy sumn real quick. I mean, all I read did was add a giant, red coat, but it felt like a lot to me, so that's a step forward. The red jacket was thrifted, however, the skirt was from FOREVER 21, the turtleneck, necklace, and belt from SHEIN.

Link to Public Desire shoes:


This was giving Cottagecore tease. It's so freeing and it made me feel like dancing in the middle of a field somewhere in Belgium. I bought it from Winners though, so I don't have a link to share, unfortunately 😭.


This outfit was from SHEIN from head to toe. This is the exact sort of outfit I'd wear to a conference (if I could go to any conferences right now). This is how I imagine myself dressing while working in and finessing the corporate world. If I'm not asking my assistant to direct all my calls to voicemail unless it's an emergency, I'm getting a refill on my bubble tea because God knows I don't drink coffee, or I'm in the middle of a meeting about the latest product acquisition and whether or not there's been a return on investment, or I'm discussing with my colleagues about whether they'll be attending the biannual networking event.

Top -

Pants -

Public Desire Shoes (The ones I bought are no longer available, so here's a similar one):

Anyways, thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy this venture I'm on while I figure out my ideal fashion style. Feel free to share with me your thoughts on this and what your fashion style is like!

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